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Giving time before Windows shut down

Mar 3 at 10:19 AM
I really enjoy your add-in and I really happy for the flawless backups created. There is one thing I miss a lot though. Outlook is normally the last thing I quit before I shut down my PC. What is kind of a drag is that I need to wait before the backup add-in finishes its job before I can tell windows to shut down. Would it not be possible to implement a function "prolong shut down for x seconds" so that I could shut down Windows and the backup add-in would still finish its back up and only after completion Windows would shut down without me having to wait? Or am I simply missing something?
Mar 3 at 7:31 PM
you could do two things:
1) Create a batch file which starts backup and afterwards shuts down windows
2) Add a post-backup script to the backup addin which shuts down the computer in 1 or 2 seconds.