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Within the zip-file, there is a folder "admx" which contains the GPO template.

Copy admx-file and subdirectory "en" to:

Afterwards create a new policy (gpmc.msc).
The settings are located at:
User Configuration \ Policies \ Administrative Templates \ Outlookbackup addin settings

After configuring the settings, assign the policy file to an organisation unit (policy is user level).

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javiergioia Dec 14, 2015 at 9:49 PM 
it would be great if you can put an example of for instance the Path to backup program Setting.
I'm trying to use it with a enviroment variable as below but for now, I can't make it work properly.

Destination path of backup : \\mybackupserver.domain\backupPST\%username%\

When I update the policy on my clients, I see literally the same path on the registry setting also. Seems that the %usearname% is not converted to the real username of the workstation.