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Outlook backup Add-in

Aug 10, 2015 at 3:31 PM
Very nice program. I have few suggestions and questions though. When I first install it seems to have no problem finding the PST associated with an e-mail account in Outlook 2013.

However, if the account becomes corrupted it can no longer see the PST and I am unable to locate it. The only thing I can find is the OST.

The Add-in should have some way of being able to see OST's as well as PST's. Also I think the ability to select the source file would be nice. I mean we can select the destination, why not the source to.
Finally, how can I get the application to see the e-mail account again if it get corrupted and can no longer see the PST file. Is there another way I can associate the Add-in with the e-mail account again.

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Aug 10, 2015 at 9:51 PM

some information to your first question about ost-files.
OST-Files are used for IMAP-Accounts and exchange cache. Both account types store emails on server side.
Thus local backups are usually not needed. If you have stored local calendar items within your ost-file
you can switch to pst-files to store calendar data:

Nevertheless..... if you still want to backup ost-files, you can set a registry flag "ShowOSTFiles" within the registry:
OST-Support is experimental as this feature is not documented by Microsoft.

About corrupted files:
Backups from corrupted files are also corrupted. Thus it should be the top priority to fix the corruption. Corrupted files should not
be handled via the backup plugin. Scanpst.exe is the first step i would try.
Currupted files will still be copied as long as you dont save your settings again without the corrupted file.

The list of files is stored at the same registry folder as above (entry "items"). If needed, you can add files there without gui.

The plugin shouldn't take care of corruption as mentioned above and it should provide an easy way to select the files to be backed up.
Handling corruption is out of scope of this plugin.

If you have further questions, just drop a line.